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Don't worry about it. She is not going to do anything. . . she probably wants money back on her 2-tiered cake and if that is the case, she is going to spend more money on a lawyer and any other legal fees. The idea of the time stamp on the picture she sent is a great idea and once you see that it was taken on another date and time, you can send her an e-mail with your findings and just to scare her, note that what she is trying to do is fraud. I bet you never hear from...
I agree with everyone else, requesting a refund and 2 dozen free cupcakes is out of line. Here are my questions: 1) how long did she wait before she contacted you about the problem with the cake? 2) why didn't she save a sample of the cake for you to inspect? 3) why, if you did a cake for her, do you now have to offer her cupcakes for her office? 4) when you say she is picky, do you mean she is particular about certain designs or is she picky about how things taste? ...
If you are close enough, why don't you just drop by unannounced. Say you were in the neighborhood and thought you would pick up your stand as you need it for another order. See then what they do.
Why don't we start taking some guesses. I would say maybe Sylvia Weinstock.
Actually, you can do it by using the styro wedges. To keep the cakes on the wedges you ad a little royal icing to the wedge and the bottom of the cake board of the cake that will sit on the wedge. And yes, you dowel right through the center to the bottom.
The same thing happened to me recently with the dark chocolate and white chocolate Wilton candy melts. They never really quite melted completely smooth.
If you decide you want to do the cake, then LadiesoftheHouse is correct. Tell her the new total amount due you and that you will need it up front. If you don't dare do this, then forget about the $25 she owes you, because she is not going to pay it and tell her you can't do the cake. Trust me, if you tell her you can't do the cake she will get it. She is just playing dumb, because you allowed her to get away with it the first time.
You know I think I am going to try it! Thanks for the encouragement Icer
I have a batch of chocolate buttercream and a batch of cream cheese icing - both extra batches. I was thinking of mixing the 2 together to make a chocolate cream cheese icing. What do you guys think? Has anyone ever done anything like this before?
With all due respect, tell your MIL to go suck an egg. Your cake is absolutely beautiful!!!!
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