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Can't wait to try some of this tips
$299 today with S&H only 302- WOW i had to buy it LOL
Thanks so much Jaime - that is awesome
I love all the help on here - I think that is part of my problem, is in fact, trying to do every order received.
Thanks so much ladies - this is what my head has already been telling me. I am going to work it up tonight and sent it to her and wait for the fallout. LOL
I just want to get opinions from all the experts as to what you would have charged for this cake have a hard time pricing and I need to look out for my bottom line better.I told this customer 85.00 which I already felt was low for the size including the bow.Well then she says they want fresh strawberry cake and cream cheese icing. I had not done strawberry...
I am going to be doing another little people farm cake. The last time I used carved cake for the barn. This time I would like to use Rice Krispie Treats. Can I cover it in buttercream rather than fondant or will it fall off?Also, on my last one due to time constraints I piped on my fencing. This time I want to use MMF for the fencing. What is best way to adhere it to crusted buttercream?Thanks guys, as usual Cake Central rocks!!
fondant with melts sounds interesting!!
Beautiful work - I am sure she would be proud of her students work!!
Yum - cannot wait to try some of these combos
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