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Try some MMF. I whipped up a batch tonight and it didn't take long at all. You could cut a batch in half or quarter and maybe make some fun figures to go with the cake as well.
thanks everyone - I used just a smidge of crisco and turned the MMF or flipped it over after every couple of rolls w/my rolling pin and it worked well w/ only a little shine
Thanks for all the advice Lara. I did crumb coat the cake in buttercream and am working to keep the "bulges" out from there the filling is settling. I even let everything sit in the fridge for about 3 hours before frosting. I hope it all works out!Thanks
I use cake mixes all the time since I can get them at the BX for about $0.75 each, then I just doctor them up. I usually bake them at 172C but found that with convection I need to drop the temp about 7-10 degrees or they come out with a chewy crust and dark.
Awsome. I would have NEVER thought of some of those ideas. I don't drink alcohol so I would have never even thought to use that... so Everclear? Exactly what is that?Thanks!
Thanks for the help. I have room in my fridge, I just didn't know if I could refrigerate the fondant cake.Also I am in Germany on a military base and we are really limited... however I got some Wilton whipped icing and mixed it with my filling to help make it a bit more stable.Any other suggestions?
OK, so maybe I am just slow but here is my problem.I use MMF, but to get it so it won't stick to my table when I roll it out I have to cover the table with a dusting of corn starck of powdered sugar.This is fine if it is white MMF because I can brush off most the powder and it looks ok, HOWEVER, when I use colored MMF, I get this nasty white dusty look and I can never get it all off, and it looks bad.Any suggestions? If I use shortening to get the powder off the cake...
OK, I went away for 5 hours and still no reply... will SOMEONE HELP?
I am making a wedding cake the the bride wants a cake recipe I found here at CC. It is Raspberry Cream Cake. The cake recipe uses 6 oz of yogurt in the batter and the filling is heavy whipping cream with raspberry preserves and some powdered sugar.I have to make the cake today and the wedding is tomorrow. The cake will be covered in Fondant.So, my question is. How do I keep this cake until the wedding? If it sets out the cream filling may go bad, but I don't know if I...
For the strawberry cake I plan on a recipe from the Cake Mix Doctor.1 pkg white cake mix1 pkg (3 oz) strawberry gelatin4 T flour1 cup vege oil1/2 cup surar1/2 cup milk4 large eggs1/2 cup finely chopped fresh strawberries.;Bake for 350 degrees
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