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It is irritating when people don't realize the labor that goes into baked goods. You were going to hand paint houses. Will she get that from the grocery store? I had a family member publicly bash my prices on Facebook. I was miffed, but, try to bite my tongue to put forward a good business image. My son, on the other hand, wanted to throttle her.
I don't see the picture of this table. Can you repost a photo Deijha?
Crisco went to zero trans fat and that greatly affected the stability of my icing for stacked cakes. I found an alternative at Wal Mart, but, it still wasn't as stable as I wanted for wedding cakes. I purchased Alpine Hi-ratio shortening and it solved my problem. It works up very smoothly and holds up to the warm summer temps. I ran across the 6x confectioners sugar when researching bulk options. After reading this thread and seeing the price savings, I am going to give...
I thought I had the chocolate colored watermelon. Transfer is on, wedding set up in 2 hours. Can I put another chocolate transfer over it? Thought I had the color spot on and then it dried.About to throw up over this cake!
Can you ice a cake with butter cream and refrigerate before adding fondant accents? I have a wedding cake to do and would like the accents the bride has asked for to look very neat. I thought fondant would be best, but, have not worked with it.Joellen
I'm probably too late to help you, but, I use grosgrain ribbon around cakes. I take the buttercream and work it into the ribbon. I get it good and soaked through and then run it under hot water to get most of the icing off. Yes, this leaves your ribbon grease soaked, but, the whole ribbon is the same color. This darkens the color of the ribbon slightly, but, it also adds a little body to the ribbon to help it stay in place. Joellen
Has anyone seen the beautifully decorated gingerbread cookies on here that a lady from Russia posted? I visited the website and it was in Russian, of course. I was hoping someone out there could translate. I would love to try the cookies. Joellen
shelbur10, how do you mark your cakes for the holes in the boards to line up. I have only done a couple of small stacked cakes. I used dowels, but, not boards under each layer. I, also, used a denser cake for stacking. Please, explain how to mark the cakes, and, I'll try using the boards. I have two stacked cakes this coming weekend.
I have tried a couple of times to make white cake with the Super Enhanced Cake Formula found on CC. The white has flopped both times. The chocolate works out great. Please, help. Is there something I need to adjust for the white cake? Using 3 whole eggs makes the cake yellow, and, I think the bake time and temp might need to be changed.
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