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Thank you
I baked a fairly good sized tiered cake and covered it in fondant, then realized that I don't need it until next weekend. If it were covered in butter cream icing I'd wrap it really good and freeze it, but with the fondant I'm not sure if I can do that. any thoughts?melody
thank you!
I have just started selling a few items wholesale to a company. I need to send them an invoice of what they owe me. do I charge tax on wholesale items?thank you!melody
did you send the picture to cake wrecks?wow
I'd get the agbay leveler first. I can't imagine life without it! and I use it on every cake.I saw somewhere that the new cricut will be on HSN on April 1stif you buy anything off of HSN, you get 3 or 4 easy payments!!!!then you could get both.
I've just seen that overhead is rising and customers budget is shrinking.I moved my business back home because of high overhead, and am loving it!!good luck!
wow the details are amazing!!!great job!
what I understand, is that the cake cartridge will only be sold with the new cricut cake machine. which stinks, but I don't have any machine, so I will wait and order the new one.also, there is a site where you can pre-order the cake cricut and instead of paying $400.00 it is $300.00you'll have to check out the other post about the cricut on the other post to get the web site. good luck and have fun!
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