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I'm another ecrandal fan!! I just recently ordered my first cutter from them (the little black dress in my photos). Eric is very detail oriented and the customer service in outstanding. He called me to ensure the details of my cutter was to my liking and this wasn't even a custom order. Great company
I was wondering if there is a gingerbread version of the no fail sugar cookie or any other really good gingerbread recipe.
Oh Jamie, I love the paisley idea!!!DreamCakesOnline- I've never heard the song but I'll ask.Tallmama- It is a very hard one!!
Hi Everyone, I was just asked to do a cake for an upcoming baby shower and I don't have a clue of where to begin. The theme is "Beautiful Eyes" and the decor colors are pastels. I would appreciate any suggestions you can offer.Thanks, DestiniThe name of the baby will be Sunetra or Sunayana (both mean one with beautiful eyes)
Thank you so much. I'll check with my local Michael's
I've been waiting on this sale! My Hobby Lobby closed down!
What's the *original* WASC recipe?
I agree. They have incredible customer service too!!!
I have one and it's my favorite tattoo. My next one will have the cross utensils like this one
Thank you . I really must have that cutter. A little small would be good. The also some others I like.
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