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Well done, and well deserved
I've just tried making my own corn syrup! Unfortunately, although I have no experience of corn syrup, I don't think mine resembles the real thing I wasn't sure how formed the 'balls' of syrup should be when dropped into the water (I thought my balls might be too little), and so may have over cooked. Now it's cooled into a rock solid brick I shall try again another day, but tonight I'm hoping I can find enough glucose in my cupboard...Many thanks all
Many thanks for the glucose confirmation Sadly we definitely don't have corn syrup here
Hi, I can't get corn syrup, but I'm sure I recall someone saying just to use Liquid Glucose instead...can anyone confirm this?In case it helps, I'm planning on trying Michele Foster's Delicous Fondant.Many thanks in adavance!
I hope the link is useful to you all bashini - I've read that thread too, and am very keen to try Michelle's fondant! But I'm doing a Christening & a birthday cake this weekend and figured it may not be the best time to try something new, so maybe next week As far as MMF goes, I love it! So easy to make & use, but like everyone else, I find it too sweet to eat (luckily kids seem to love it)
These people are also handy for getting US cake mixes, etcs:http://www.americatessen.comI'm not actually in the UK and they do me a fair deal on postage (though I do buy loads at a time!) their website isn't great, but if you call them, you'll find them very helpful.I have found one positive with baking in the UK- our marshmallows make nicer tasting MMF! (Though in all fairness, I've onlt treid one brand of US marshmallow )
I don't have either (yet!) but my thoughts would be that I may be able to help pay for the printer by 'selling' edible pictures/photos (on eBay/to other cake makers), and therefore - in a few months - may be able to also afford the airbrush system.Just a thought, good luck
Hi,Can any regular forum readers tell me if there're any threads about cakecentrallers getting together to make a business?I'm thinking that quite a few of us want to do this for a living, and sometimes we get opportunities, but often the costs are just too high to go it alone.Of course this may have been suggested a hundred times previously (and if so, I'm sorry for raising it again), but if not, maybe someone who's better as phrasing these things could start a thread...
This is definitely something I'll have to try - thank you for showing me how
Thank you for all your responses The 'light' referring to colour is good to know, and I do keep glucose so I can try that. Though I'm thinking I shall have to experiment, because if Golden Syrup is thicker than corn syrup, then glucose is definitely a tad thicker than the recipe is expecting, lol! Will let you know how I get on...
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