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You never know when you might need one...right?
Quick and easy cake decorating if you have a cake topper already prepared in advanced or simply design the entire cake as shown without a topper. Either way, it's cool!
"....a cake decorator supposedly well known according to her website" Well....would I be so big headed to write that on my website? I don't think so..... so it looks like it wasn't my site you were looking at to begin with. It bothers me though that you think the site you visited is certainly me where you have seen free "written" tutorials as I don't offer these for free. I do have loads of How To's on You.Tube though, viewable to everyone. My site hasn't been...
You can find feedback on Extra Icing's Facebook page...!
There are still some places available on the Bride and Groom class and also the two one day classes. The Head and Hands is full and it won't be long before the Bride and Groom follows.....but at the moment a few spaces remain.
I've only just noticed this post or I would have commented sooner. I do use buttercream but only as fillings for cakes or as toppings for cupcakes which I only really do for friends and family. Contrary to belief, I don't actually make that many fruit cakes either. My most popular cake for past clients is chocolate. It was only last year that I had to make the decision whether to cease making cakes altogether (although I do still make them for clients who have...
I'm sorry...but if you are asking for a copy of the tutorial that has been paid for by someone else then you are infringing my copyright. PM me if you have any enquiries regarding this. Cheers!
Well after all the hype for the last few months it seems if you blinked you missed it! There was a mention of my name and my hands appeared for less than 30 seconds doing something or other (cake related of course!) and that was it. My TV moment gone forever. Oh was fun while it lasted. Mind you, I've had a lot of viewers on the website today so perhaps I still have some thanks to say after all.
I'd never heard of Rachael Ray until I was contacted but I did see the show in L.A. in March so at least now I know what it's all about. Looked a whole lot of fun sure enough. The show's on around 6pm US time I think so I'll likely be tucked up in my bed counting sheep at that time (about 12 midnight in Scotland!) so hopefully tomorrow someone will let me know if they recognised my stuff. If they play the sound you'll hear the accent so there will be no doubt but...
I have no idea just how much will be seen but I was asked some time ago for permission to use some of my How To stuff! Go me! is the day that the clip will appear and as I am in Scotland I won't see it although I do have a few US buddies lined up to tape the show for me so when I'm in Seattle this September I hope to catch it then. You can see my name on the list so I hope it's worth a watch!
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