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Parrish Cake Decorating Supplies - Do a google search for their website, not sure I can post here. Gardena is a small city next to Torrance.225 W 146th St, Gardena - (310) 324-2253
I use my glue gun.
I crumbcoat in white all the time. Let it chill before adding your outer layer. I never have a problem with it coming through
I've done the moon. I made it out of gumpaste, laid it flat, added a long lollipop stick to the back, so that at least 4 inches go into the cake for stability. I attached the stick by adding two rectangle strips of the same gumpaste, one at the top of the moon and one at the bottom (it's in my pictures). I made sure to let it dry for at least two days face down before turning over and letting it dry a couple of more days facing up.
I use Pam that has Flour in it. Works perfect!
Just making cupcakes takes a long time, now try frosting mini two-tiered cakes and getting them smooth while they are moving around your turntable. Ugh. Assuming you really want to do it..I would make a box cake mix batch worth (for practice) to see how long it takes you to make them, including attaching ribbon and tag time, then you'll really know what it involves. You are making 150 cakes..same thing 150 times..that's a heck of a lot of work. I would think at least...
What if you just make the silo shorter so that it's not has heavy and unbalanced?
I guess Sugar_Plum_Fairy and I had the same idea..LOL!
I'd say..what flavor? And then go pull one off of any website and send it to her as if it's the recipe you use. Then when she complains that it didn't taste like yours tell her "baking is a science and not everybody can bake a cake by just following the ingredients listed." Then you can avoid the whole explanation of why you don't give out your receipes.
For all those having trouble with the clay gun, either the one that you squeeze or the one that you turn the lever up on top...try mixing in a little shortening into your fondant and it will make it very soft. It won't dry up and you'll be able to squeeze it through with a ton less effort. I used to have the same trouble and then I read this trick somewhere on here and it's made a TON of difference.
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