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Thank you all! The butter is softening a bit so hopefully the next batches will go better. I'll report back later, gotta wait for the kiddies bedtime to finish caking. Working on all the food right now!
Thanks, Kiddiekakes. I was able to beat them out pretty good with a spatula as I added the peanut butter and chocolate for a filling and since it was just filling I'm not too worried about the few little bits left.Should I let the butter soften before I make the next 2 batches that will be used to frost the cake?
I am making SMBC for the first time for my son's birthday cake for tomorrow. I am using Dyann Bakes recipe and it tastes wonderful except that there are little lumps of butter in it. I used butter almost right out of the refrigerator. Should it be softened? Any other suggestions/ tips on how to make this better?Thanks so much!!Mary Jo
Great idea, aligotmatt!!
Yes, no fail.
I am hoping to try this soon. I made a cake for my moms birthday with 7 minute icing. I loved it and figured IMBC might be close to that. I hope I am as happy with it as you are because I really don't like the taste of a traditional BC, even though I use 1/2 butter, it's just so sweet.
If you look at some of the other pics on that site you will see that those cupcakes are not feeling the cup at all. There is a small cupcake, a layer icing, and then the fondant. So, even if the cupcake has a dome, the icing is flat. Here's a pic:!/photo.php?pid=3867002&id=326709268655&fbid=394245888655HTH!!
This wouldn't work for spelling the words out, but your local cake supply store should have sprinkles in individual colors if you want that look.
I am excited to make cupcake wrappers with my Cricut. Would you mind sharing your file?
I love MTC!
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