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I am glad it helped!  <3
Tips for those learning.. A pasta machine will help with the thickness of the fondant. It's a great tool to have, You can roll the gumpaste even to a 7(this # can change depending the pasta machine company. I use the KA attachment) Use full gumpaste and good quality. In my website I have a recipe for Tylose gumpaste. Fondant flowers are not the easiest way to learn.  Use a good quality ball tool. This is the one I use If...
The You tube tutorials are just posted there as a way for people to get started playing with gumpaste flowers. Those tutorials are pretty old, posted way before things got crazy with people posting tutorials everywhere. It's easy to start with a circle cutter since almost anybody has one. I have many free tutorials at  my website  I have a DVD that is 4 hours and has complete details on how to do roses in different ways and it includes dusting them,...
Yeah, they tend to give bad flavor with darker colors. If you can't get anything else you can try the wilton no taste red, but the pigments of chefmaster and americolor are best for darker colors
I wouldn't do it either. One thing is baking the cakes 5 days earlier and putting them in the fridgeto rest, another thing is finishing them. Starwberries are very delicate and go bad really fast.Even if you crumbcoat the cake, box it and refrigerate in a crumbcoat, the cake can getunstable being so many days with the filling in it and stawberries tend to ferment. That's about the only flavor I like to do lat minute
In my personal opinion if it has butter, its buttercream
lol...Iove the "discretly"
Oh yeah, swiss and italian can be stack. Its just not the best for where I live!
It means I cant use swiss or italian buttercream in here because is too hot andhumid and the cakes become unstable. So if I use swiss or Italian, I use it mostly with cupcakes.
Yes, venues should know how a cake should be cut, specially those who deal withweddings. For most of the time they do. But in my years of experience I saw a few people cutting the cakes way to big. And sometimes the person who does the cakedon't have a way to know what will happen when they cut it.
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