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Yeah, they tend to give bad flavor with darker colors. If you can't get anything else you can try the wilton no taste red, but the pigments of chefmaster and americolor are best for darker colors
I wouldn't do it either. One thing is baking the cakes 5 days earlier and putting them in the fridgeto rest, another thing is finishing them. Starwberries are very delicate and go bad really fast.Even if you crumbcoat the cake, box it and refrigerate in a crumbcoat, the cake can getunstable being so many days with the filling in it and stawberries tend to ferment. That's about the only flavor I like to do lat minute
In my personal opinion if it has butter, its buttercream
lol...Iove the "discretly"
Oh yeah, swiss and italian can be stack. Its just not the best for where I live!
It means I cant use swiss or italian buttercream in here because is too hot andhumid and the cakes become unstable. So if I use swiss or Italian, I use it mostly with cupcakes.
Yes, venues should know how a cake should be cut, specially those who deal withweddings. For most of the time they do. But in my years of experience I saw a few people cutting the cakes way to big. And sometimes the person who does the cakedon't have a way to know what will happen when they cut it.
The inustry standard is WIlton but you can use the one that you prefer. Its basically a selling point. If you aren't cutting the cake all the servings guide won't matter if the personcutting the cake doesn't know any better.
I think nobody is wrong in using what works best for them and tastes best. Everyone has diferent opinions on the subject but at the end of the say is all about you and whar works best. Here where I live I cant's use Swiss or Italian buttercream. So I stick with crusting buttercream. I do love the fact that smoothes out like fondant and it is very strong specially over the summer.But if I was to make cupcakes, I do like more the Italian or Swiss.. It works with those...
Where do you live? What company colors you are using?
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