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This post cracked me up. I've seen a million posts on why you shouldn't refrigerate your fondant cakes because it causes condensation on the outside of the cake and all those people thought that was a no-no. I had no idea people were using steamers to get that look on purpose By the way, I live in Hawaii and I don't have airconditioning. I refrigerate all my fondant cakes and my cakes always have that "glossy" look and I love it.
I order tylose online in bulk (I use a lot of it). Can't remember which site, but just start searching around.
I don't think there is any problem with having an 8" top on a cake.
I don't use kits at all, so this is just an opinion. To me it would seem it takes a lot less work to make a cake with a kit; I would discount my price.
I have a bride who wants a three tiered, multi-colored wedding cake. She either wants tiffany blue on the bottom tier, a light shade of blue on the middle tier, and white on the top tier. Or she wants me to fade from the blue to the white. This is a buttercream cake with absolutely no decorations except for a special topper they ordered. I'm looking for some photos of something similar, but I'm having no luck searching through the galleries. Can anyone help me out....
I try to make my figures at least a week in advance to make sure they dry. I live in hawaii were it is very humid and they never dry completely hard so the kids all eat them when they're done with the cake. Because they don't dry all the way hard, I don't make them more than a week in advance because I'm afraid they might get moldy.
Most people on here say that you can't refrigerate fondant cakes, but I refrigerate all my fondant cakes. I live in Hawaii and it is too hot to leave the cakes sitting out for days. It does make the fondant shiny like it's dewy, when you pull it out, but I don't think it takes anything away from the look of the cake and it allows me to use fillings that I wouldn't be able to use if they cakes couldn't be refrigerated. Check out my pics-ALL of these cakes were refrigerated.
The main tip I can give you is to make all the pieces seperate and let them dry before you put them together. And two inches is going to be really difficult. Also, I've made quite a few figurines and they take forever! If I were you I'd make 3 girls and a boy and call it good enough. A few well made figures is going to look better than a whole bunch of tiny little ones. Just my opinion.
I've only done the rct 2 times. I don't have a ton of directions, but I just made the rct and while hot, I put pam on my hands and then pushed them together in the shape that I was looking for. they will harden as they cool, so just keep forming. You've got to be kind of quick. Once the rct cool and are hardened. Then I covered with buttercream and worked the fondant over the top. Hope this helps a little bit.
I don't think I would leave it out that long and I know this is a hot topic, but I refrigerate all my fondant covered cakes and it doesn't give me any problems. You can look in my pics to see my cakes.
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