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Thank you! I dont exactly want ganache.. I know there are recipes where you can use cocoa powder/powdered sugar and melted chocolate so it isnt quite as thick... I just need to find the right one! I appreciate the replies & links.
Hi All, I really did try to search the recipe's instead of doing a forum post, but I kept getting a "fatal error" I am looking for a really good, shiny chocolate frosting that is pipeable for cupcakes.. i am looking for a similar gloss to the picture here. Thanks for any help![/img]
Thanks megpi!
Thanks Ibeeflower!
Thanks ladies, that was my suspicion as to how it was done...I just love the simple elegance of it... just going to have to try it soon,.
Here is a link to their FB site as well.. if you click on the wall photos you can see several examples of the ombre work... might be easier to find!/pages/Sweet-Saucy-Shop/114703245286526?sk=photosThanks for everyone's feedback!
Thanks BakingIrene... wasnt sure if I should/could add the link in my original post... I know you are very talented FromScratchSF... cant wait to see what you think....
Does anyone have any idea how the ombre cakes are done that you can see on the My Sweet & Saucy blog?? Do you think it's piped on with wide flat tip and then smoothed out with a scraper? So dying to figure this out and try it.. I love how it looks
Thanks JSK! Sounds like the way to go. I appreciate the feedback.
Now that's a super easy idea Kiddiekakes, I like it! lol. But they are strands of pearls that I dont want to break apart... so I should probably just use a brush. Good to know you recommend the dry method. Thank you!
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