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I second wacky cake. I used to be vegan and my 3 tier wedding cake was completely vegan and alllll chocolatey delicious wacky cake.
I would assume it's a paste, but I'm not sure. However, I did find this thread halfway down the page someone asks about putting it in a cake so maybe they could answer you? User name Valli_WarHope that helps!!
It's absolutely stunning. It bothers me that The British Monarchy's Flickr page has Joseph Lambert instead of Joseph Lambeth though, haha!
Thanks everyone for your responses!! I'm still undecided, but I honestly don't think I'll have to worry about it once I tell her how much it will cost.Oh, and for those that asked or wondered... she's very thin, she messaged me on facebook so I can see her picture. :/ I know it wasn't personal, she wasn't calling ME fat, but it rubbed me the wrong way. And my family jokes around too, we definitely say things that other people might take offense to... but we say them to...
Recently someone posted on my Facebook fan page about wanting to order a cake and cookies. I sent her a message and she responded saying she wanted a cake that looks like an Operation board game, and some cookies of brains and hearts and stuff so she doesn't have to get a huge cake. I responded saying that I didn't have a whole lot of experience with cookies but would be up to trying it, and she responds with this gem."We don't have to do cookies I didn't know if it would...
If you're looking for a thick, spreadable caramel, you should make dulce de leche. Waaaay easy to make or you can buy it in a can in the Hispanic section of grocery stores. To make it just boil a can of sweetened condensed milk in a big pot full of water for 3 hours, or you can do it overnight in a slow cooker, I think it's 8 hours on low. It's sooooo good.
[quote="MacsMom"]Patience. You have to wait out the customers who don't mind paying for art! [quote]THIS!! I also live in Iowa and sometimes it's hard to exchange 10+ e-mails with someone to never hear back from them after they get a final price, but it happens. Try not to take it personally, because it's really not personal. I also charge $2/serving and that's raised from what I used to charge. I'll tell you what, I get more business now than I did at a lower price.
My advice would be use a toy or don't charge for the cake.
I use the WASC recipe with dark chocolate fudge mixes and they turn out WONDERFUL! The only thing I change is to use vanilla instead of almond extract, and I make 1 cup of chocolate milk and use that. It is especially delicious with mini chocolate chips added!! HTH!
I was going to say Welcome to the Family, but I think Welcome Home sounds better.
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