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I also use a PlayDoh fun factory. I even have a mini size (on a pen) that I can use for extra fine "hair". I just love to play with my food!
Just how would you cover a sphere in fondant?
Hey! Another Jelli! Welcome!
I have several of Debbie Brown's books and I think try're GREAT!They are well illustrated and designed for simplicity. She makes it easy to make a fabulous cake. And they are just soooo fun!
I took the Wilton "Masters" course at the Wilton School in Illinois about 8 months ago and have been practicing and learning more and more ever since and I am just starting to feel almost ready. I think that it takes a lot of practice on your own and also a lot of experimentation before you can make truly professional cakes. I've made so many mistakes that I have learned so much from, yet would have been HORRIFIED by, had I been doing a paid cake at the time.Also, Wilton...
...When you tell the kids: NO, you may not use MY Play-doh Fun is only for fondant!!!
When I use raspberry jam, I put down a thin layer of buttercream first, so it doesn't all soak in the cake. And don't forget to put a buttercream "dam" around the edges, or it'll all squish out! It's really yummy! I use seedless too, but then I purchase mine.
My heart goes out to you and her parents.I think the "castle in heaven" idea wouls be great. It seems that it would be a somewhat comforting idea, to think that my child was in a child's paradise.much love,
It sounds like it'll look really cool, but I'm wondering if people will be as attracted to eat it as they will to look at it. Sometimes funky colored food is a turn off. Remember the green ketchup and the blue applesauce?
Has anyone tried the sugarveil products? It seems so easy and beautiful, I'd like to know if it really is easy and how is the taste?
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