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I am currently taking Wilton Course 1 and my final cake is due this weekend. I have been practising the Wilton Rose but am not having any success. The problem seems to be the icing recipe from the book. The icing is grainy (although I sifted the icing sugar 10 times) and if I added water it will be too thin.So how do I make the icing stiff, smooth and NOT grainy????Help PLEASE....................
I want to make a doll cake for my daughter's birthday on Saturday, but can't get time off work on Friday.I am thinking of preparing the fondant decorations in advance and making the cake on Friday night.Please advise where I should store the fondant decorations and how long can I keep them. FYI, I live in the tropics with temperature of 86 deg F and very high humidity.I once tried to keep fondant in the refrigerator and the it sort of like melted away because of the...
I read in many places to only use 'unsprayed' flowers for cake decorating. I assume this means flowers that has no pesticides sprayed on it.My question is how do you ensure that? Can I just wash the flowers? Will it be safe?
Thanks. I probably overheated it.Didn't stir it as I was expecting it to melt down into liquid form but it didn't happen. And I just kept heating it over and over again.Will try again.Thanks for your advice.
How do you melt the Merck Candy Melts?I tried in a double boiler and also the microwave and both methods failed.It didn't melt, just turned grainy / powdery. Did I overheat it? What did I do wrong?
I don't live in USA so I can't tell you if you can make money, but one thing is for sure, you are really good at cake decorating. For someone who just started in February, your cakes are really beautiful. The cakes you make look very professional and your ideas very original. Much better than some that I have seen in cake decorating books. Just my honest opinion.
I just made the Golden Butter Cream Cake from the "Cake Bible" and loved it.It really melts in the mouth. A little too sweet for my liking though.
I baked & decorated my first cake for my mum's birthday and every that can go wrong did.First the Chiffon cake shrunk and one layer became slightly smaller than the other.I used whipped cream (Topping Pride from Rich's) and the icing just melted away. I couldn't even pipe a single proper drop flowers. (of course being my first time didn't help either). The cake had to go in and out of the freezer repeatedly to keep it from melting.Then I realised the cake was not...
Just wondering how do you bake so many cakes at once? do you all have very big ovens? what's the secret.My oven can only fit one 10" cake tin.
HiHas anyone tried frosting a chiffon cake? If yes, what type of frosting did you use? Will it collapse given that chiffon cakes are extremely soft and light?Can you bake a chiffon cake in a tin other than those with a funnel in the centre?Advice needed.Thank you.
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