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I really need some ideas.......I have about 2 bags left over of colored mini marshmallows ( I took all the yellow ones out to make a popcorn cake) Any ideas what I can do with 2 bags of light green, pink, and orange colored mini marshmellows? I like to use them in a different way ( not crispy treats ) .....I am having a brain freeze...I cant think of anything!
I am very sorry that your mom is ill.As for ideas...I really liked the scrapbook idea that someone posted....what came to my mind first was doing some sort of family tree..with a little twist.....maybe combine a mother's day type cake with pictures or charms that represent you and your siblings??You know they have those wedding charms that they do for bridesmaids??? I dont know just throwing out what came to mind us what you come up with, Im sure it will be...
if you were doing my wedding cake, I would want to know...not so bluntly, but if you were to tell me that this style is not your best work and you prefer a different medium, I would be glad that you told me. Especially if its for family, you dont want it to get around how much you did not like this cake.if you know now that you dont want to do it, dont...the pain will only get greater! good luck!
you can use tip # 32....if you make little c's on the outside moving in and layering slightly on the previous layer it looks really nice. you can also use the largest star tip...I cant remember the number but the biggest one you can get, and again start from the outside and wouk in.I dont have a pic of cupcakes I have done with #32 (I am doing some this weekend that I will post) but the piglet cupcake in my pics is the large star tip. hope this helps!
Also, check out ebay. I have found some really cool ones there!!
fine confidence in your own work and try not to look for so much reasurance from other people, especially your sister....yikes she was way too harsh. your cakes ARE good. maybe you need to make cakes in a different circle of people......I like when people tell me what they like and dont like, it makes the next cake better. But I have never had anyone be so rude about it. Dont stop doing something you are good at and can grow in b/c someone else made nasty comments. I...
i use them on round cakes and i think they help alot!
how many cups of batter go into a 6" round? is there a site that has a list of batter and pan size?? thanks!
looking for any suggestions I am in chicago and it has been raining non stop for days, the humidity is riculous!!! none of my royal icing will dry. it is on cookies.....can i toss them in the freezer ???
you could also make it out of run sugar (look at my photos the pooh and piglet are run sugar and are standing up). it is also called run sugar and the recipe i use is from wilton, its on their website wilton.commake sure you make it 24 hours ahead of time so it can drymake 2 or 3 incase they breakprint out the size you want put wax paper over it and trace with the run sugar. use a very small round tip a number 2 works well
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