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although I am not positive....I dont think you can make money off of something copyrighted....just like all the wilton character can make a blues clues cake but you can not sell that cake bc disney (or whoever) owns the rights to it. I am thinking that the cd would be for personal use....making flyers, borders on papers....stuff like that.
I am new to MMF...Making my first batch this weekend so I am not help there. But I freeze my cakes almost the second they come out of the oven. It really does keep them very moist!! I only refridge a cake if it has a filling or if it is a warm day. Luster dust.....use vodka A VERY TINY you think a little is a little...less then that. Otherwise it looks gritty when you use it. Hope this helps a little!
I want to attempt my first batch of MMF this weekend to cover cookies...However I need to know how long it can be stored and if I add black food coloring will I actually get a true black?? thanks!
Everyone is talking about OK, so I thought I would join in......this was my first attempt at a cake this size and any type of contest. I had NO IDEA how fabulous the caks were going to be.....I have lots of things to learn!!But for a first timer I am proud of myself...I wanted something that was going to get a reaction from people and this one did it!! Alot of people really liked it but their were some who had never heard of Dia De Muerto (day of the day) a mexican...
i am looking for a great recipe for a dense cake. i need to carve cake for an airplane! please any good recipies let me know!!! thanks
Ok, I am not from Oklahoma ( Im a Chicago girl) but I am going to Oklahoma for the sugar art show and the state fair this weekend. I am entering a cake in the contest there. ANything I should make sure I see or go when I am down there??
OK, quick vent.....I am entering the Sugar Art Show in Tulsa Oklahoma this weekend. I entered the wedding cake contest and this is my first wedding cake ever!!! I am stressed out and have changed my mind a million times! My deadline to have the cake finished is by tomorrow evening. I cant wait til it is done.I learned alot doing this cake and really learned that I love making cakes (even though I think I bit off more then I can chew this time) will be fine! ...
I do alot of royal....i put everything in the KA and let it mix for 7-9 minutes without touching it. after that, mine is a big ball. I take out the amount that I need and add water to the smaller parts of it to get the right consistency I want.
I put everything in the mixer and mix it on low for 8 minutes. I walk away from it so I am not tempted to touch it. Works everytime, then I add water to smaller parts of the mixture to get the right consistency for small projects.
I do cookies with run sugar (royal icing) I would recommend letting the colors dry at least a little before adding the next. I have a few cookies up in my photo if you want to peek. Alot of the decorations on my cakes are royal icing too.I let mine dry for a little bit before adding other colors just to ensure they dont run. Also, if you are outlining a cookie use a larger tip then when you are filling. This way the filling has a little bit thicker of an edge to adhere...
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