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A friend of mine wants a cake to thanks his family for coming to town (they came in for a funeral so not happiest of times) but he wants a cake thanking everyone that came in from mexico....what the heck kind of cake do i make for this??? It will be an 8" round...but I it seems wrong for it to be bright and cheery!!?? NEED ANY SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!thanks!
I dont know if this helps, but did you see the cartoon cakes contest on food network? The guy who made the scooby doo cake had a todem pole (sp??). The pieces were offset like the pictures of your pumpkin, but the judge said that the weight is actually evenly distrubuted, it is an "Illusion" that is looks like they will fall, as long as the supports goes through the middle correctly. can you stuff the centers with fondant with supports so it dries to the supports maybe??...
at least forty!!! looks awesome!!!!
they are all 3 dollars!!! I thought that sounded like a great deal.
they were going for 3-6 bucks!
I was looking on ebay and saw that there were a bunch of first impression molds at a great price. ANyone have any experience with these??
looks great!! whats he thinking?? bad day at the office maybe?? you did great work dont will LOVE it and the adults will be very impressed!
thanks guys !! i feel better!!!
my mother's boss ordered a truck cake from me for a big higher ups meeting. (its a trucking co.) I dropped off the cake, about 6 people looked at it and said it was great before I left......and then later this afternoon I get an email that I had a spelling mistake of the companys name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to die!!!!!!! I feel like a total idoit!!!!!!Please tell me everyone has done this once!!!!
I not sure about a football or wonder mold....I lean towards these being fine to make a cake and sell.What you need to make sure of is any character pans.....anything Disney for is very rare that some one would come after you but it can happen. I am sure anything "generic" likea football is fine it is just recognizable charcters.
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