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I was just thinking about this myself. I met someone who did it and charged 22 bucks a head. Although she had to do all the baking....I think it is a great idea.. but as I was thinking about it....would you purchase all the materials for however many kids were at the party (could get pricey but, I guess its a one time cost with the exception of bags and parishible things). the other question that came to mind....who would make all the cakes (maybe small 4" cakes for...
I need to make a ton of fondant blueberries..I was hoping someone could suggest what color or mixture of colors would be the best/most true to blueberries in a blueberry pie??!! Thanks!
so i had a cookie order (40 cookies) that i made.....they are done and wrapped in individual bags. they are decorated in fondant and royal icing.the customer changed the pick up date from thursday to SUNDAY! should I freeze them or will they be fine bagged til then!!??Thanks!!
thanks in advance!
golf balls! and they are super cute!
thanks! its for a competition, hence the fondant!
so I need to make a cake that will be in the shape of an apple pie (there will also be a cherry pie and a blueberry). how do I make the apples on the top of the pie look like REAL pie filling? All my pieces will be made fro molded I just mix them with piping gel? thanks ahead of time!
That is the sweetest thing ever!!! So cute!!
I freeze cakes alot. Freeze it right out of the oven. You dont need to let it defrost before decorating with buttercream but I usually do. I have put an already frozen cake that I decorated in fondant and buttercream back into the freezer and when I served it I recieved just as many complaments as I would have with a non-frozen cake.
i am still kinda new to this.....i always come up with ten ways to make the cake look better or a cooler idea all together when I am done! but i have yet to make the same cake twice so we'll see if I remember my own tips when the time comes!I find on cakes that I kind of dont like, the people getting them always love them, so I think sometime I am just to picky.
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