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i agree...dont travel with them and if you can do them right before you need them ( an hour or 2 before hand). i have always washed my strawberries before hand and dried them with a towel, i have never had a problem. just make sure they are dry. also, once you set them down after they have been dipped, do not move them until the have been chilled. i always but them on wax paper or wrap on a cookie sheet.dont get chocolate on the leaves either, makes it look really...
i use buttercream too. if you look at my photos, the ocean cake, all the little creatures are molded chocolate and stuck to the cake with BC.
i am so glad you posted this!! i do not do wedding cakes but do deliver and i know i want to charge (gas....ouch)....but i dont know how much!!?? i am very curious to see how people respond!!
so i asked what to used for pooh and the wilton golden yellow nailed it! i am doing a tinkerbell cake and need a very soft purple and a mild lime green ....any coloring suggestions??
I say go for the castle. It will be time consuming but you ll impress everyone there and get a spark on some orders!! I know enchanted castle....I live in Brookfield (by the zoo!!) What if you did a sheet cake and made the tokens they use there on top?? Do they still use the tokens?? just a thought!!
does anyone know how to get the color of winnie the pooh? i am making cake and cupcakes soon and need to figure out the color. HELP!!
i have been playing with royal icing this whole week (i ll post some pictures later of some cookies i did). heres what i do. first i follow the wilton royal icing directions on a vanilla sugar cookie. I divide the batch of icing into the amount of colors i need (always be sure you have extra white set to the side). i add literally drops of water until the icing is very smooth but not runny. have some practice cookies......put the icing on as a border....if it runs off...
so...need some help with finding pictures and ideas for an "elegant" twist for the mexican tradition of the day of the dead for a potential cake. any ideas cuz I ve got none and I cant seem to find too muc out there!! please any ideas!!! thanks!!
I roll my leftovers up, wrap in plastic wrap and seal in a zip lock bag. I also freeze any left over fondant, I have never had any problems with it other then remembering to take it out in time for it to thaw before I need it.
I am new to the cake decorating world but LOVE IT!!! And I think I found a hidden talent. My 30th b-day is coming up and I want to make a pink and black fondant cake. But I am having a hard time find these specific cakes. Anyone know where a good place to look is? thanks!!
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