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I agree that the cake is very cute...and a very pretty yellowish gold color for the bow. Do not ever take an order for anything from that woman again...NEVER!!!! She does not deserve a nice cake from you!
I love the idea! Show us the pictures!
she did not pay in advance (my fault)....clearly this is what I need to do from now on! Am I in the wrong for wanting to say something to her? I have no idea what to say about the order that has been sitting on my counter for a week! Can I still ask her to pay even though the cookies are stale? I did put my time and money into them.....or just chalk it up to lesson learned?
I think i already know the answer to my issue but I have to rant about it for 2 minutes!I have a lady who orders cookies from me quite frequently.....problem.....she is ALWAYS late picking them up. For example, she ordered duck cookies (in my photos) for Monday well its Friday and they are still on my counter. She said she forgot about them on Monday, said she would come Tuesday and still has not come to get them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She always does this! (although not...
you could also try looking for a poker cookie cutter set. it would have a diamond in it. i dont know what size you need....but I just did a search on ebay for diamond cookie cutter and a bunch came up in poker sets and most were about 5 bucks....hope this helps!
I really want to go a super cool haunted house cookie this year but there are not very many pictures out there? I would like to see a bunch of different ones and combine them with ideas I already have! anyone have any they could share? Thanks!
I have been getting it for the past year....honestly I don't think it is worth it. There is a section with alot of recipies but theres a ton here too and they are free. I dont find that the majority of cakes in there are so different or new.... I maybe came across 3 cakes that gave me some ideas. I would rather search pictures on cake central Just my opinion but I wil not be renewing.
I know how you feel! For the past few years I have planned several of my friends surprise outtings for their birthdays (and brought big cakes)......what excuse to I get......Everyone is party pooped out by the time my birthday rolls around (jan.2) so no one plans anything. I have taken it into my own hands and now for the past 2 years I plan my own parties and they have been great!Happy Birthday~!
I dont do wedding cakes, but I would NOT take her order!!! NO way! She CLEARLY does not respect you, your time or your families time. Let her go be disrepectful to someone else!!!!!I also have to say that the devil onmy should is telling me to say....set up another appointment wih her and then go out to dinner or something so you are not home. People like that need to get the message that the world does not revolve around them!
no, no castle! what a weirdo! there is always one bad apple!!! looke great, I m sure the little boy loved it and really thats all that matters!
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