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Can I use carrot juce (from juicing carrots) in place of the water in a carrot recipe? I am just using a box mix.
You cake is great and that lady is crazy for being a crab at you about it! People take things way to seriously- was the cake good? did it look great? did the guest love it? Of course- not one person at that party thought- gee where are the oreos!
I will be making a toliet paper roll cake for my boyfriends b-day. I want to cover the sides with fondant bunt am wondering how I get the top to look the like the edges of a toilet paper roll using buttercream?Any ideas?! Thanks!
I freeze all my cakes and I have had to take a few out and then eneded up re-freezing them and they were just as good as any other cakes I have made, so I say go for it!
I specifically remember this big cookie monster cake. No one really got to eat it, I put my head in it about 30 seconds after this picture was taken. I was 2 and I clearly remember this!
I would go with gumpaste. It will dry rock hard for sure, reguardless of weather.
I need to make roses the color of merlot (wine). Any suggestions on color mixing? All the colors I have are by wilton. Thanks!
I dont own my own bakery, I do cakes for fun here and there but I do own my own at home business (not food related). And let me tell you, there are not enough hours in the day! Start up of a new business is very stressful and an extremely busy and all consuming of your time.There is no way around it! I do not want to persude you in either direction, however, had I kept my original job I would not own my own business today.I personally, could not have started it and...
Need to make a baby shower cake and would like to find some sites that maybe have some step by step directions to make animals out of fondant. Anyone have any suggestions?Thanks!
My opinion.....if youre heart is not in your "profession" and you have the option to do what you love....then you should go for it. I worked with special needs children for ten years and loved it but I also got really burned out...its my degree, all my experience, but no longer my passion.I quit and moved on...started my own small at home business and successful but more importantly happy.I always say, If you got hit by a bus right now, would you die happy? No? Then do...
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