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Thanx! I'm using glace. I will try the fan. I will also try the blow dryer since it doesn't matter how these cookies look. Its for the kids by a family picnic. Best opportunity to try stuff!
I need my icing to dry quickly. Is it okay to use a blow dryer (on low or cool) or is that a bad idea?TIA
My son's hand therapist told me to keep stretching my fingers back to loosen up my hands when I'm icing alot of cookies. also, heat will relieve the soreness- an added excuse for a coffee break every now and then!
Thanx for your help. I've read quite a few threads on Toba's glace, but I never heard that cold could do that.
I found that the 10-second rule works for glace. When you drag your spatula through the icing in a bowl, it should take ten seconds, not more and not less, until it settles and it\\'s flat again. If it takes longer, it\\'s too stiff and won\\'t dry smooth and if it takes shorter, it\\'s too runny and will run off the cookie. I use this consistency for outlining and flooding. I outline a few cookies, then go back to flood.
So heat won't affect it? How's about humidity? I'm always nervous to decorate while I'm cooking because I'm afraid that will cause spots, I never realized the cold would do it.
Thanks! The white ones that I decorated look quite good, the grey ones are next. They will anyway be brushed silver so I'm not nervous about those. The dark blue ones are a different story. My dh also thought I was exagerating til he looked at them and said "ouch". But I just thought about the blue luster dust that I bought for no reason at all, I guess G-d knew this would happen. I will brush that on before I decorate. I hope that helps.and thanks for the good wishes!
I guess it's possible that I had the window open a crack when I iced them. I'm 37 weeks pg, and I get very hot. I hope the 350 cookies I do later this week don't make me problems. These were for a party I am making, so whatever isn't good doesn't matter. But those are for a fundraiser that I promised cookies for. Now I'm nervous about them. Maybe I should just use RI for those, even if I like glace better..
I usually love it, ppl love the taste and it's easy to make. But it's not behaving today!!!
I did that when I made the icing. Also sifted the conf. sugar. I started decorating some, and I'm covering most of the spots. But the dark ones don't look salvageable. (
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