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that's exactly what I was thinking of doing... thanks so much.  I find that the clients I deal with prefer this option more than when I make it with real raspberries.  They like the white cake instead of the colored cake you get using real raspberries.  My clients always have the option of the real thing or a flavoring.
I have a customer who wants a white chocolate raspberry cake I make but wants chocolate frosting. My cake I use raspberry flavoring.. not real raspberries.    The flavor combo is throwing me off and I guess its because of the white cake with raspberry and chocolate frosting.  I was going to make a dark chocolate ganache icing to set off the cake.... any thoughts?? Do you think this will taste alright?
I have tried to search for a tutorial or information on how to make those cute santa body and legs that are on top of cupcakes..... I can't find anything...  I would love to make them and didn't know if anyone could point me to an existing thread about them or if you have any information you can share.  Hopefully my description explains what I am looking for!!
lots of people viewing my question but no comments?? I was wondering if anyone had ever used the bottom tier of a cake as a dummy.... not a stacked cake though
I am getting ready to do a 4 tier wedding cake that will have the separator columns between each layer, and not stacked.   The bottom tier is a dummy tier and columns will be put in that with the first real cake layer about it and so on.    My question is will that bottom dummy tier be enought to support the rest of the cake above it? I don't want the cake to get top heavy from the separated tiers above it.    any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.  My...
this sounds very interesting.. might have to give it a try!
I hope someone replies that knows, because I too would like to know.. I have been wanting to try one of these but have been too afraid to without someone "holding my hand" !!!
First of all... stop... breathe.... all will be fine! You are getting caught up in everything and getting yourself stressed out!!! I don't see why you couldn't fill and ice the cupcakes Friday. I would do them at the church and then find a cool room to set them in, covered. They shoud be fine I would think. I don't know what is in your filling but unless it is something very unstable.. it really should be fine.. just keep in a cool part of the church..or their fridge...
I am going to do a tree stump cake and want to be able to carve into the fondant .. I am thinking of using modeling chocolate though.. thinking I will get a better look with it.. my questions is... have you ever combined modeling chocolate and fondant together?? I am wondering what that would be like.. I want the sturdiness of the fondant but the "carvablilty" of the modeling chocolate...
that's what I am afraid of.. thank you!
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