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Just wanted to say I finished my last cake yesterday until April.  Thank you for the advice.  Now I look forward to making that last cake in April.  I guess I am just burnt out!  Excited to make this a hobby.   Thanks for the advice. :)
I guess I already knew that.  Just needed to hear it I guess. Thank you.
I have decided to close my business after a year.  I am burnt out with trying to make cakes and take care of my family.  It has become something that is not fun and enjoyable.  I am going to do this as a hobby instead.  This is my question.  I have one more order due the end of April.  It is for a large wedding cake and 200 cake pops.  I don't want to do the cake.  Is it too late to cancel?  If not, how should I do it?  We have a contract.  If it is too late, I will do...
Hi there,   I am making five dozen cupcakes for a 13 year old's bday party.  The mom would like a cake stand.  I'm guessing I would have to make one about four tiers for that many cupcakes.  Any idea on what I should charge?   Thanks!
I think that is very good advice! Thank you. I will try that.
Hi everyone, Was wondering if anyone had advice on what to charge extra for this type of piping. I don't know how long it takes because I have never done this design. So if I should charge for my time, not sure what to...
That's a great tip. Will try that. Thank you!
Thank you. She was very happy with it. I like the blue better too!
I did this for the first time last month. Was SO nervous. What I did was stack two and two. I stacked the top two together and the two bottoms together. When I got there I stacked. Made sure my cake was refrigerated and cold. I kept air on high in the car. I stack the Sharin Zambito way with the bubble tea straws. The straws are sticking up and not pushed all the way into the cake. So when I lift the top tiers with a long spatula and my fingers on the other side, I can...
Yes I did the nautical theme but she picked an ivory buttercream. Here is the pic.
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