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personaly I wouldn't, you don't know the reason why it has been canceled, it's not your problem so why should you put yourself out and try and make a cake for her in such a short time when she has messed you around so much already.
use a strip of fondant and roll a cocktail stick over it, it wil then give a frill look.
just don't see the point, dosn't take that long to knead and roll some fondant, the price dosn't justify the product.
hi I use this recipe350g self raising flour3 tsp baking powder250 caster sugar10 tbsp sunflower oil 350 ml water2 tsp vannila extract.mix dry ingredents, add wet ingredents, pour into two 8 inch sandwitch tins, bake about 30 mins,mine turned out very nice.
hi, dont know what a tangled cake is, but i made a rapunzel tower cake could have done with been a bit taller though.
here's one I followed
I usually brush mine with egg white first.
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