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dont put it in the fridge, and any air bubbles can be sorted with the prick of a fine needle, just smooth it out after or fill the hole with a little royal icing,x
I too have a cannon, one of the best buys i have brought, expensive but worth the money.
agree a price beforehand, you cant compete with store cakes, if they want a hand made personal cake they will pay for it, x
i have done this a couple of time, but you are prone to getting bubbles, if you can prick them with a needle and fill the hole with a little royal icing,x
i dont think you can beat a cake from scratch, wouldnt dream of using a mix, x
hi, i'd just put it down to experience, will probably bother you for weeks but you'll get over it, it happens to the best of us, x
hi, I just brought one of these a couple of weeks ago, i must say i wish i had got one months ago, used it three times this week already, one of my cakes i used it for was a bible, ,x
there is a tutorial on here for topsy turvy cakes if that is what you ate after.
I have just had a go at doing these on a cake, I used the skewers to get the pleats but I slightly damped the cake and placed them on.
here in the uk they are on about doing away with use buy dates as they are missleading, if it tastses ok then i would use it if it was going to be eaten straight away.
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