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this is the one i had, works fine
they would need to be attached using a little royal icing on the back, wire shouldnt be stuck directly in the cake, should be in a flower pick or a short straw as the wire will start to rust once in contact with a moist cake
this is mine, vanilla sponge.350g self raising flour, white3tsp baking powder250g caster sugar10tbsp sunflower oil300ml water2tsp vanilla extractPreheat oven to 180 degrees/gas 4, grease and line 2 6inch sandwich tins. Sift the flower and baking powder into a large mixing bowl; add the sugar and vanilla and mix. Mix the oil and water together in a jug and add slowly. Mix to a batter like consistency. Pour the mixture in to the prepared tins, bake for about 30 minutes until...
hi, i sometimes wet the ribbon before i apply it, usually when using very thin ribbon, but it does make the ribbon appear darker, but it does stick to the cake much better.
I dont provide candles. thats the customer choice and job.
A couple collected their wedding cake the day before the wedding and took it to the venue to be stored until the next day, I usually deliver wedding cakes myself so that i know they are how they should be before i leave, anyway, I saw pictures of the cake on facebook and it wasn't how it should have been.i asked the couple why the cake wasn't stacked as should have been, they said the venue wouldn't stack it because they didn't want to be responsible if it toppled, just...
i have made hundreds of cakes with no problem, just one stupid customer who thinks it will last for weeks, most of my customers are regular and so know that they are collected the day before or on the day they are eaten, this is one I wont be doing any more for.
thanks for the replies, i offered her a refund /another cake as i dont want her bad mouthing my work she came to me through other customers, so cut my losses and learnt a lesson as in not to do anymore for her. I do state cakes are best eaten straight away.
had a text from a customer saying her cake was mouldy when she cut it. I asked when she had cut it and she said yesterday, two weeks and two days after she had collected it from me, all my cakes are made fresh and from scratch, i just cant understand why she would order a cake two weeks in advance, i offered her, her money back or another cake, she chose another cake, sounds strange to me. just wondering what you would do as i dont think it was my fault that she ordered a...
i try to roll my fondant a bit thicker where the bends are, this allows for me to smooth it out without it breaking/splitting.
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