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check the box it expires in decemberMy other cakes baked just finecan u post a link to the original wasc??
I just tried 2 recipes of the WASC recipe posted here that I have used over and over for years and today I already threw away 2 cakes!!!DId I open the door too soon or is my oven not heating right, I already baked chocolate WASC cakes came out great!!WASC recipe didn't seem to rise at allused Betty Crocker mixescakes came out very hard and dry.SO I'm trying it again cause I have no plan B my cakes have to be whiteI threw away the bit of flour I had left opened a new box...
HI I just got done baking my smaller cakes but before I start I want to know if anyone knows how many wasc recipes I need for the 10" & 12 " pans??Thanks
does anyone know how many wasc recipes I need fore 12 & 10" square pans??
about the dimples, how do you make them to look like the ball if I just start poking it wont it look like a mess?Thanks for the tips ladies
HI I will be making a golf ball cake I plan on using the wilton mold but for those who have done this... how do I get the ball texture effect?Thanks IN Adavance
I know the possibilities are endless but I need some ideas on fillings for white cakes. I have a 4 tiered wedding cake as requested the top tier has to be filled in buttercream because the top tier will be frozen for the bride and 3 cakes filled 2" cake can be half and filled as well I love a beautiful slice of cake!Raspberry & barvarian cream were requested. ANy other ideas and filling combos welcome more than one filling per tier is an option
Working on a 12x18 doble layered sheet cake brown with blue border for a baby shower with jungle animal fondant cut outs, I am so tired I really just want to sleep but cake is getting picked up at 7:30am and I gotta go take a test at 8am
I just got a call for a topsy tirvy for 100 to 150 big difference isn't?How do I make it to fit the servings?10,8,6 3 layers each right?Not sure I will make one with a small hole on top of each to fit the top tier into the hole.Also how do you charge for it?The only topsy turvy Ive made was for my dd.She wants to know the price for buttercream and fondant and, the cake white with 2 color fondant decorations.Thanks
I placed my first cake on top of the bottom cake and I measured and all and looks like the legs are 1/2" taller on 2 of the legs could it be that the cake needs more weight added on? My cake is 4" tall icing and all. I have two more cake to put on top do you think that the weight will even it out? Is too late to try straws now.I wonder if my 7/8" ribbon will hide the small gap between tiers?
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