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My Wilton rolling pin has a bow in it. Has anybody else had this trouble. It's not been in a dishwasher. We've had it about 4 years. We roll fondant and cookie dough with it. What's the best kind to buy?
Is there a site that I can visit to see all the alternative ways to use Wilton Character pans?
I can't get to tutorial, I get a art website when I click on linkHELP
I want to know about this too, sounds interesting
great tuts, so blessed to have a site like this to teach us!!!
so how long will the antlers last if you make them out of RKT?
I call it intervention from God. He sends me a Cake Angel to lead me.So I pray alot when I'm decorating cakes!
what colors can I use to get a HOT Pink fondant?
I need a tutorial or something to tell me how to arrange rose buds in a silver sugar bowl to go on the top of a cake. ASAP! I wonder how many I'll need? How will I hide the styrofoam? ETC... I think I'm in big trouble
When you find out let me knowIs the top cake a dummy cake?It would have to have a counter weight in the cake right?Is it a metal welded together stand that the cake is on and the flowers hide the metal support?I'm can't wait to find out!!!!
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