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Thanks for all the advise If I hadn't gotten the advice, I porbably would have went with some messed up Star tip version. But I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. As requested I am posting a photo of the replica.
Ok, Thanks so, much everyone. I am a little confused on the Sotas technique. Is that the the Cornelli Lace, but the strings more looped on top of each other? That is how it looks. Thanks again for your imput! I will try to post picts when complete.
Hey everyone, I really need some help. I'm making a replica of my cousins Wedding Cake for their 15 yr Anniversary THIS WEEKEND! It is a suprise party, So I'm not able to ask the couple questions about the cake. I can't tell if this is a lace pattern or a star tip or what. I don't think it will be a make or break thing if it is not exact, But I want it to resemble the Original as much as possibleI am attaching a photo, any comments, tips, or photos would be appreciated
ok, So think I will use the fondant ribbon, Thanks so much for yalls imput.
anyone else?
unfortunately the bride is not much of a decision maker, she has pretty much left everything up to me, besides the pink flowers and 3 tiers.
Ok so I know there has been a thousand questions on this topic. I want to do a Ribbon on the base of my tiers. But I'm not sure wether to go with actual ribbon or making one of fondant. I've read all the forums about the "problems" with the oil on satin ribbons comming through, and I'd probably just do the absorbtion thing if i go that route. I had been planning on dusting a fondant ribbon to match my gum paste flowers, but won't the fondant just turn hard and you'll...
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