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Thank you everyone for your advice. My classes went well. I had 4 wonderful classes and the interest the children had was wonderful......I think I inspired a few students and they were going home that night to bake and decorate a cake.....I am waiting on their pics that they are going to email me. I can't wait again to do this next year cause I am using alot of advice I got from the replies. Thanks again and happy baking and cake decorating. Ang ~
The classes are to discover different occupations.The class will not be bringing anything...I however have to bring it all. I was thinking along the lines of cupcakes and cookies to decorate. Hoping next year it will be different due to me going in to this for the first year. I know I have to keep things simple due to I don't have a multiple of items and tons of time. Its gonna be a challenge put I'm hoping to get through it and hoping for some ideas.Thank you to those you...
I am teaching four classes of 8th graders for approx. 30 minutes each class.If anyone has suggestions on ideas that would be great. I will be having them do a project they can do as a class as well as the learning of cakes decorating that would be great. Thank you and all ideas are welcomed ~
looking for a good template or pattern for a ballet shoe for a cake. need of a really good "Cherry Chip Cake Recipe"
My friend is trying to get her candy melts to turn into a HOT PINK color. ANY IDEAS> please help if possible. pics would be nice too.
I need help with an idea for a 60th birthday for a 60 year olds birthday and I am looking for ANY IDEAS for a old lady with saggy boops. I am trying to keep the nudity out of it. Please help me. Open to any Ideas. Thank you
I am looking for a recipe that I can make for Tiramisu for a grooms cake. Any ideas?????? Thank You.
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