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I agree!
Thanks so much for the ideas!!! Now that I have started teaching the class ideas are flowing! The group is great and begged me to throw in a cookie night as well as a cupcake night. I think I will do a fondant covered cake as well as making fondant/gumpaste things as well as royal flowers, that way the last night we will have a tiered cake and they can put everything on there! I am really excited!!
I found out it is a 7 week course and 2.5 hours a week! Ugh, I hope I can fill these hours. I plan to let them work on parchment paper different techniques. I do plan a border class, as well as a cupcake class and learning how to fill cupcakes. The last class will be how to assemble a tiered cake. I don't think I will do a class on how to cover a cake in fondant but do plan to do one on a fondant accent class as well as butter cream roses. I am getting nervous about this!
Basic cake decorating with also a little cupcakes mixed in. They also want at the end for me to show to assemble a tiered cake. It is just once a week for 6 weeks. 
I am needing ideas for 6 weeks to last 2 hours long each.  I plan to do my first class as a learn how to make good cake icing for decorating, leveling cake, filling, icing cake, ect. What are some other good things to do? I have taught several times at other places and always seem to run out of things to do in our time slot. Hoping I can get more ideas here. 
This is just ribbon from the store and not fondant ribbon...
Will the RI not pull the buttercream off?
I always seem to have a problem with the ribbon not laying up against the sides flat around the corners. I try to tighten the ribbon and then it digs into the corners...How do I fix this? I have a square this weekend and it has a silver rhinestone ribbon and not sure how I can get it to look perfect.
I did a wedding a couple months ago with a square cake. I fought for almost 2 hours to get the ribbon to go up against the corners! How do you get them to go up o the corners and keep the corner look? I have a square cake soon with rhinestone ribbon and am stressing over the corners already!
No fondant and no filling except icing
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