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I LOVE the magazine. Although the cakes are way out of my league, I feel that they give me lots of ideas. Tutorials would be fabulous tho! I purchased the year subscription and have since only received the April/May issue . . . It's almost August and I still haven't received June or July's yet. I have also sent an inquiry but have had no response as of yet.
Alaska . . . I am a night owl (not by choice). . . poor daughter got my genes and has a real hard time falling asleep also!I am a SU demo and as long as the stamps are cleaned first, you can easily stamp food items using watercolor stamp pads w/out fear of gettin sick.Oh Yeah . . . it's 4:22am now
You can use non-toxic watercolor stamp pads. The kids stamp pads should fit the criteria.
Thanks for all your input! I am going w/the 4" before filling and icing, its going to be a 6" ~ 10" ~ 14" stacked. I have done all the coordination via phone and email since the bride to be just arrived in Alaska! I will post a pic Sat evening after the event!
Hello,I am new to this site and loving every bit of it!Just a quick refresher question for me as I have a wedding cake due on Sat.How high should each layer be on a wedding cake? I usually make sure that before icing, I have two layers that stand to exactly 4 inches. I have been reading on here that most torte into 4 layer sections. However, how thick are those after icing?????Thanks for your input!LulaBelle
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