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Here's the number to Magic Line, 310-324-2253 Forgot to leave it up there in case you still wanted to check with them!
If you have an EIN number you can open up an account with CK Products and they have awesome prices, Magic Line sent me a catalog and their prices are higher, they are charging me retail. And I also needed to give them my EIN number so I figured they sell me wholesale but they didn't so I'm ordering them through CK.Hope this helps.
Indydebi I agree I think as a planner you should want the best for your client, the best fit and not shop by who's giving you the biggest discount.
Costumeczar thanks! You really broke it down. She's the first one I work with so I don't have any prior experience to go by but I also know she has no clue about the business. She wants to be affordable so she wants everything cheap. But I'm firm on my prices because I know they are fair. Thanks ladies!
Thanks everyone! She's not that close a friend and I know she has no Idea what she's doing on the business end of things as she told me that her bride never meets the vendors, that all goes through her but you ladies are right, wedding cake is too important to risk there being a lack of communication.   . She is going about this the wrong way.  I will have a serious talk with her and if she can't accept my prices then she needs to look for another vendor.  thanks...
Thanks everyone! This is making me feel better. My cakes are priced according to my costs, materials and I did endless research with the local bakeries so I wouldn't be undercutting them by a lot. I also looked up the strawberries online so I thought it was reasonable.     I've tried telling her not to be the "cheap event planner" or she will never get out of that! I've given her a lot advice since I'm also just really trying to make this full time thing. I really...
Hello, I have read quite a few threads on this but mine is a bit different because I know the event planner from when we were kids.     She recently is starting an event planning business and has no customer base yet.  She asked me for a price list, I gave it to her and she asks "this is a price list for your customers but where are my prices?"   I explained that i have a method to pricing my cakes and its fair.  She says that if her costs are too high that she...
I finally found a phone number so I'll be calling them on Tuesday! And I have a tax ID number so that'll help!
I'm trying to find any info on how to contact them and it's impossible to find!! I even heard from a cake supply shop i Called that they are going out of business.  Global denied knowing but now their round cake sets are all sold out and not being re-stocked? so idk whats going on! but i need to get my hands on some sets quickly just in case!
Thanks!!! I haven't placed the order yet! But I am going to order a few of the American metalcraft to see which I like best. I found them online for about $3 - $8 each and thats what I'll be getting magic line for if I buy them in sets.
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