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I love them both!! Just curious - how many hours did each of you spend planning and then making those cookies??
Your bouquet is absolutely gorgeous! I have a little four year old that be soooo thrilled to receive something like that. I would definitely pay $27. Lots of work for you though ... all those colors!.
I like the first one - it made a positive impression on me at first glance. I, too, would be interested in contacting your designer for a logo (please pm me if that's okay).
I am getting nervous about shipping a July order from Wisconsin to Washington D.C. next month. The order is for 150 wedding favors cookie favors with an edible image. I use a glaze very similar to Toba's icing glaze and I have sometimes found that if there is still moisture in the icing/cookie (not sure which one) once their bagged, then it seems the excess moisture distorts the image. OR, if the packaged cookie gets exposed to too much humidity - that can distort the...
hmm ... yeah, I still like the first one better than the second.
The top of the cookie is dipped and a little bit extra gets on the back of the cookie. I don't think it made it any different than biting into any other cookie covered in royal, though.
Just received cookies from OURCOOKIE.COM. I was curious to know if they looked as good in person as they do on the website, and the answer is - yes, they most certainly do. They dip the cookie in frosting first, and then add the icing. Although my kids said they prefer a vanilla sugar cookie, I enjoyed the flavor and texture of their cookies. They were more of a spice cookie with a slight chew in the middle and all royal for frosting. Shipping for 6 cookies was cheap...
Hi absolutecakes - what a great opportunity for you! I just put a picture of some tea cups & pots into my gallery for some possible inspiration. You might consider baking the cookies and then freezing them undecorated to get a jump start on the order. I've found no degradation in flavor/texture when you do that. Good luck & keep us posted.
How big is the cookie? I think your first picture turned out really great! A complicated design, yet the way you laid out it out, it doesn't look cluttered at all. Nice job on the uniqueness and creativity of the design. I know you said to excuse the icing part ... that happens to me all the time ... my first one is always a rough draft. I often do a cookie one, two, three times before the design, color choices, and tips all flow.
Hi Kathi - how long did you let the cookies dry before you packaged them? I use a glaze and I find that it really isn't completely dry for 2-3 days. Just because they're dry to the touch, doesn't mean the underneath layers are dry. Until they're completely dry, humidity can do terrible things to cookies. I suspect the cookies weren't completely dry and they sat in the truck (heat) too long. I'd be curious to see how they tasted. Did you try one? You know I sell in...
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