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Anyone out there that has a home based busines that can share any info with me? Im in the process of opening home base in my home but havea separate kitchen n equipment. I got approval from my township n have the paperwork from Dept of Agriculture, but im just wondering if I have to or if i can have regular business hours for the customer to just walk in n order what they want, can I make baked goods n sell on a regular basis. People were telling me that I have to...
A friend wants a cake with regular icing but wants it to be silver. Can I use silver luster dust mixed with alcohol and use my air brush? Any help would b greatly appreciated!
Anyone have a recipe for blueberry cake ussing the WASC version. I thought I could use blueberry yogurt instead of the sourcream?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
A friend wants a cherry chip cake for this weekend and said she use to buy the mix and the store and it was a vanilla cake. I went to 5 different stores and havent found it yet. i searched online but only found chocolate chery chip recipes. Does anyone have one made with vanilla cake?? I would greatly appreciate it if anyone would share. Thanks
i do check the use by date but i thought that date was disreguarded after it was opened.
I was just wondering how long you can keep sertain foods after they are opened. Sour cream, egg beaters, buttermilk ive only been keeping them for three days after i open them and some people told me they keep them 7 days after opening. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. thanks
So I talked to the lady and the conversation started out calm. She sad that the top piece just fell off and that the icing under the fondant was melted like it had been sitting out. Also said that the sail had just fallen out of the cake. The layer under that was smushed she said. I only had straws in it. I explained to her that the sails went right through the top two layers through the piece of cardboard that the top cake was sitting on. She kept saying the cake...
This is so cute i would love to try this. Thanks
no dowels through the whole cake except for the skewers from the sail they when through the top two layers
Well this is what I did, and maybe i was wrong to do it like this but when i stacked the 3 cakes it just didnt seem stable enough for me. I was just going to put a think layer of icing between each layer, but i changed my mind because it just didnt seem right. so i iced the bottom layer not to thin and not to thick and them i place straws for support and then also in the straws i put skewers, because i didnt want to take the chance of the straws caving. then i did the...
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