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I dont have a shop yet and the business is not "legal" can I still advertise my business using a bumper sticker?
I appreciate all this recipes...I will use one of them...thanksone of the ingredients in one of the recipes is plain powder creamer? what is plain powder creamer?
Thanks for your response!
"flofly" (spelling help please) instead of looking melt on the cupcake. I am making cupcakes for my daugther 2nd b'day and I want to make carrot cupcakes recipe but I would love to make the icing to be "flofly".
I just finished baking a cake for my niece and nephew and in the center of the cake is hard...I waited 40 minutes to open the oven and i noticed it was not done it because I opened the oven to soon?
Steve's work was a big mess, unbelievable that she will present or do something like that to KV and the show..her kitchen was horrendous, I believe that the process and the work should be clean..I dont want to imagine how her real kitchen looks like..the other cakes were great but buddy made a cake for another person not KV..ha..ha.....great challenge!!
I love your wishes and sell a lot of cakes!!!!
I would love to have long nails but it is dificult to decorate cakes...I keep them shor but I enjoy going to the spa for pedicure...that's where I spend a tons for a nice pedicure!!!
I like to listen to "Salsa" music or any music with a lot of rhythm to keep me going and to dance a little to relax the muscles while taking mini breaks...
cakesondemand, I love the organization of your kitchen. It is well organize. I will use your picture as an sample for my future kitchen.
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