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Hey ShaunaCann! One of our dept. stores has a life size cardboard stand up Hannah Montana in the girls dept. So the two birthday girls posed with it for a pict. I am going to make an edible image of it (3"x5") and put it on the cake somewhere. I havent decided on the rest yet so if you come across any ideas, let me know!
I agree with hsmomma....don't underestimate yourself. Your creations are great! Good Luck! I'm getting ready to try one myself
I have used 1/2 of a Jello white chocolate pudding mix (dry) with DH French Vanilla. Very moist and yummy. Got rave reviews. Try it ahead of time to see if it has the flavor you want!
your truly talented! Great job!
Explain that you only bake for your family and close friends and that when you want to make it a profession, that you will take the proper steps at that time. Then you recommend a good cake decorating class for her and suggest that she sign up for herself! If she has to do all the hard work, she just might move on to other ventures! Good Luck!
Thanks everybody! I can't wait to give it a try!
Hey everyone....Can you tell me how long a fondant covered cake dummy can last and if there are any special tips or advice? I am making a cupcake tree for my DD and her friends but would like to make a special little cake that matches for her to keep. (for a while anyway ) Any tips are appreciated! Thanks! they attract ants?!?!? She wants to keep it in her room....
I can't even believe her nerve.....I had a Cheeseburger birthday cake for my 10th birthday and that was 29 years ago! I don't think that it is a stretch that there have been Cheeseburger cupcakes out there thatlong as well. I think it is pathetic for her to think she can copyright a cheeseburger. If it had her bakeries logo printed across the bun then maybe....but then no one would by hers would they?!
Does anyone have a great recipe for rolled buttercream frosting with tips on using it? I love the look of fondant but prefer the taste of buttercream frosting.
Sams does sell the chocolate buttercream as well. I just bought a tub to practice with.
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