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So guys, I've made home made marshmallows, which went down a treat, which made me wonder about replacing my normal sugar paste for home made marshmallow fondant. So I've seen the Jessica Harriss recipe.........BUT I cant help but wonder if it's as easy to use and achieves as nice a finish as normal fondant!??? I've experimented with several fondants and it's quite difficult to find one that works the best, so I cant help but assume it wouldnt create as nice a finish as...
Sian, I've received the Claire Bowman gold dust, but have you read the label? It says it's non-edible!!   Katie
Ok, I've just rung the number on the pot (why didnt I think of that before, doh!) And they say the golden rose glitter isnt edible as it contains copper and zinc which although are naturally occuring in foods in trace amount arent recomended to be eaten in large quantities (when I've googled it, excess consumption can apparently cause toxic side effects!).   I'm really surprised they are still actively marketing their products to cake decorators, very disappointing!
p.s. the article for the fines is from March this year, so after the show you went to
Everyone who used to stock the edable art says it's been discontinued and they cant supply it any more, then when I look up the company I cant find them on the internet, but there's all the news reports about how they've been fined £18k for selling edible glitter. It's not clear if her luster dusts have the same problem, but I can only presume that she folded the company because of the cost of the fine and the fear of getting so many irate customers on the phone.
I have just ordered, plus one other that was on the cake decorating companys website, but fear they may also be rather yellow, so any other ideas also welcome!
Hi All!   I used to religously use "Golden Rose" by Adable Art  a perfect antique gold colour, but we all know what happened to Edable art, so now I'm stuck for a NICE antique gold colour!   I've tried everything I can "Rainbow dust", "Sugarflair", a brand called "Creative", bronze colours and several others, but they're all too yellowey of coppery. I've even rang several ********** suppliers and asked if they know of a similar alternative but still no...
I've fallen in love with these exact sugar lace molds, but cant't find where to get them, does anyone have any ideas? I've tried the cake decorating company and ebay, but no luck :(
Please can anyone give me more detail about why this fondant is so good? Why is it different to other sugar pastes? When is it appropriate to substitute for this icing? Normally I use Renshaw covering paste. I'd love to use something that wold enable me to ice thinner.
Can anyone tell me how long RKT's keep for? Can the molded item be made several weeks in advance?   I have a couple of tea pots to make (for 2 different weddings) that have a lot of hand painting, so it would be soooo useful to make a couple for the same design at once, rather than do each individually the week of the weddings!  
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