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Hi everyone -I am interested in renting commercial kitchen space in the Phoenix area. So far I have not been able to find anything in my area. I am considering renting a building myself and outfitting it as a commercial kitchen for rent by the hour or day. If anyone out there has done anything like this before, I could use some advise! Also, if you are in the Phoenix area and have any rental space available please let me know Thanks in advance!Sara
Beautiful! I am inspired.
It looks like the double boilers that you showed are just the insert that sits inside another pot. It isn't the complete set, like you were thinking.I just purchased (the weekend before Thanksgiving) a cheap one at Target. It was on sale for $14.99 and included both pieces (the bottom pot for water, and the insert). It isn't anything fancy or non-stick but it worked for my Thanksgiving baking!
If you have a Walmart close to you, I would buy cookie cutters and baking sheets there as well as your cooling racks. I wouldn't go through the trouble of ordering them and paying for shipping.I have used the cookie tutorial on this website and found it extremely well written and easy to use. I loved the icing included in the tutorial. It was fantastic! I would advise you to buy some squeeze bottles if you can find them. My Walmart sells them in their craft department....
Wow .. what a great thread! I too am toying with the idea of making my own wedding cake in February. I am not worried about the cake, just about my time and the stress of transporting it, etc. I REALLY don't want to spend the $$ to have someone else make it (although I COMPLETELY understand why they cost so much). We are on a pretty small budget, but could have as many as 150 guests to feed. I am considering making a beautiful and simply small cake for the cake cutting...
Thank you all for your great ideas! I ended up using the recipe on the cake flour box, and I'm not sure how the cake will taste but the batter was awesome! The cake cooked up really nice as well. I cannot wait to try it tomorrow. I'm not a pumpkin pie fan at all, so this is my "other" dessert besides pumpkin pie.Happy Thanksgiving!!
I wonder what other recipes are out there? I am a big chicken when it comes to trying recipes without someone elses reccomendation. I like because there are so many reviews on the posted recipes. I thought for cakes, this would be the smartest group of people to ask! If you have a great chocolate cake recipe (scratch) that you swear by, please send it my way (if you don't mind sharing).Thanks,Sara
Has anyone tried the recipe for chocolate cake that is on the Hhershey's cocoa powder box? I need to make a chocolate cake, and wanted a good scratch recipe. Just curious if anyone has an opinion on that one!?Thanks in advnace for your help! == Sara ==
I just found the answer to my question! I guess I wasn't looking in the right place. Thanks!! Sara
Hi Everyone -I have searched and searched and really am not good at searching I guess. I am sure that this topic has been visited before and I apologize for asking the same thing again. I would like to know how to figure out how much cake I need to feed 150 guests at my wedding? I am OK with doing a 3 tiered cake and then making sheet cakes if need be. I just have NO CLUE how to figure out the answer to this problem. I guess what I am trying to ask is how many people would...
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