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contact alicegop.... she started one.
I use both, but prefer fondant because I make my own and it tastes great! AND I have carpal tunnel and piping kills me! I can do a little bit here and there, but like what I can do with fondant. Hats off to BC only I wish I could stay with it!
I brush with a small amount of vodka, it does dry, but it will leave it shiny.
I'll post pictures in a bit, but the dark chocolate tastes REALLY good!
I always frost straight out of the freezer. It's easier to frost, and they stay super moist!
That is a beautiful cake!!!My friends ask me all the time how I can spend so much time to decorate it, then cut it.... but I am with evasmama... cakes are for eating!
Thanks everyone.. I appreciate it! by the way, the arms are rice crispy treats.
Hello all, I haven't posted a cake in quite some time, I posted this nutcracker cake that I thought was great... and 73 people have looked at it, but haven't had any comments on it. I don't think it is locked, I just checked to see if I could post something. Anyway, thanks for looking, I spent a lot of time on this, and just wanted some feedback from those of you who do this all the time! Thanks
I use vodka.. a little for me and then some for the cake. If the fondant is just a little bit wet it sticks well then some bc or ri to stick to itself.
I have a fairy cake in my pictures. I used irridescent (sp) tissue paper for the wings, obviously not edible. I wasn't thrilled with the skirt, but I think if there were more layers it would work better.
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