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I need help! The last couple of times I have made a white cake they seem to crack and fall apart after I bake them. I turn them over and let then sit for a few minutes and I take off the pan and the cake is cracked on the sides and even falls apart some times. The weird thing is it only happens to my white cakes. I can make marble and chocolate and it doesn't do it.Kel
I think that she just wants them as decoration not planning on people eating them. That is a good question that I will have to ask her. Thanks for the replies. I was thinking of getting the frozen ones and let them thaw out. This cake is for October 6th, but I wanted to get suggestions now before hand. I like the candy idea on the cranberries. What kind of a sugar coating do you use?
Hello everyone,I had a request to do a wedding cake and the bride wants me to put real cranberries around the bottom of the cakes as decoration/bottom boarder. Has anyone worked with cranberries and cakes? Do you know if they will bleed into the frosting or anything? Thanks for your help
This cake is so cute! You did a great job on it.Kel
I made the leaves out of gumpaste which I divided out and colored brown, yellow, orange, and pink. After letting them dry I brushed them with different colors of luster dust, steamed them and then put in the viens with food coloring. I didn't like the leaves for the cake top, but the bride kept changing her mind about having a cake topper and then not having one at the last minute. I didn't have any more time to do anything else with the topper. Oh well I that is what she...
Hey everyone,I had posted a forum asking for help on making fall leaves for a cake. Well I did it thanks to all of your help! I have a picture to post to show all of you. Go ahead and give me adivse. It is the first wedding cake that I have done so I was a little nervous.Thank you all so much!Kel
Nati,Ok, so here is some other questions that I have. Why do you steam the leaves after you chalk them and how do you go about doing that? Do you color the gumpaste at all or leave it white and then color it with the chalk?Thank you so much! I am so excited to try this and I love to try new things- as long as I have good directions.
Oh I forgot Nati could I get the instructions from you also. If you need to send them through email you can them to akkloos@msn.comThank you!
Thank You everyone for your wonderful advise. Nati Your cakes a very nice.Thanks again.Kel
Ruth,I would love to look at your pictures. Can you tell me how to get to them? Thanks for your help!Kel
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