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It is my understanding that even creating them from fondant is copyright infringement. Someone correct me if I am wrong please, but I don't think you can create any copyrighted objects from any material for profit.
I prefer box mixes for a reason that no one else has talked about so I'm thinking it may be my imagination. I think the preservatives in the box mix helps the cake keep longer than from scratch. This was just my experience when I played with a scratch recipe. I didn't think the cake stayed tasting good as long as the box mix. Am I crazy or is this true?
I use a cake press to mark my squares. I like the rosebud, bell, and bow idea. I think I'll run with that! Thanks! It's so funny how you just draw a blank when you try to think of stuff! I hate when that happens.
That should be square...not whatever I just typed!
Someone just called for a bridal shower cake for Saturday. All I have to go on is the color blue and they want it sectioned off in the squares for easier cutting. What in the world should I put in each squzre? Does anyone have any ideas or pictures of bridal shower cakes in sections? I am drawing a complete blank!!! Thanks!
You're probably right that they will think it is too exspensive, but you never know. I would tell them your price when they decide what they want, and don't budge on it. They can take it or leave it and you'll be no worse for the wear. And $25 for all day Saturday, that's expensive??? Yeah right! They got a bargain!
I would put the flowers on as close to the time of the shower as possible. You could frost them the day before.
Wow!! I've been away for a while... what a change! A great one at that! Way to go CC!
FBCT- Frozen Butter Cream Transfer
Isn't that the great part about this hobby/business!?
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