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Thank you soooooooo much!
I just had a friend ask me to make an egg free cake for her daughter...I have never done this before. I was hoping for some tips please! Will this type of cake hold up to carving? Can I use an egg substitute, or do those contain eggs? I don't want to make anyone sick..I'm kind of freaking out!
I have made this cake 3 times. I use 4- 6 inch cakes torted and filled. I also always dowel this cake because of the transport. I have used buttercream all three times to cover it and usually make the handle out of gum paste with long skewers in each end because I have had it pull away from the cake. I tried rct but it fell apart. Here is a link to one, it's not perfect but hopefully it helps!
I can understand your frustration because the "only this would happen to me" phrase is a permenent part of my vocabulary lately! But, if this woman is purchasing your old pans and you have seen nothing but sheet cakes coming out of her house,my assumption is that when people start seeing far superior work coming out of your licensed kitchen she will loose business anyway. Turning in you neighbor is a tricky situation, hopefully you can work it out.
Like I said in a previous post I was not going to mention this to the bride and I am assuming that it belonged to someone previously, my delima is that she wants a blinged out cake covered in rhinestones and black magic roses. I just was hoping that it would at least semi match seeing as this is for a family friend and I will know almost everyone in attendance....
I was not thinking of changing the topper or even telling her I disliked it, I was simply hoping for some suggestions:0) I know it's not my choice and that it is up to her, my problem is that it doesn't even remotely match any of the design of the cake. Should I tell her we need to change the design?
I can't from here, can you?
I just saw some Wilton damask molds the other day at the store, I think they are new!
I got asked to make a cake for an upcoming wedding and we had the whole thing planned out, the only thing I had left to get from the bride was a pic of the cake topper. She finally sent me the picture and I was SHOCKED! Every thing she has picked out for her cake is very pretty and modern and this topper is the ugliest thing I have ever seen! It is super old, I have no idea how I can giver her everything she asked for as well as incorporate this horrific topper, help!
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