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Thank you I am going to check that peanut butter out! :)
I have a request for white chocolate peanut butter cake.  Has anyone tried anything like this?  The only think I can think of is making a white chocolate cake and doing peanut butter filling?  Wouldnt the peanut butter added to the mix kind of cancel out the white chocolate flavoring?  Thanks for anyones input!
I was asked to make a cake with pinecones and snowflakes.  Any suggestion on the snowflakes.  I have seen posts regarding molds and never tried these before.  I was thinking of purchasing the snowflakes but think I would rather make them so I can use on other cakes I make.  This is for a wedding so I want them to look nice and neat.  I am worried if I make them out of royal they wont. Thanks in advance I appreciate it!
Ive done a couple like this before. I agree something simple. In most cases I did a sheet cake with simple borders and some flowers. The last one I did was for a young girl who passed away and I made cupcakes with just a swirl of white buttercream frosting.
I was asked to make a small cake and some cupcakes for a 14 year old bday. She plays soccer and basketball. My idea was to make a 6" round "happy bday" on the top. Cupcakes 1/2 basketballs and 1/2 soccer balls. The mom just emailed me and asked me to "girl it up" Anyone have any ideas on how to make this cake girly? I am also making a small tierred cake for her friends bday party, pink with zebra print. So cant we do a sports cake and a girly cake? Sorry I'm...
Last weekend my Sister-in-law got married (2nd marriage) and this coming weekend they are having a casual outdoor wedding reception. She asked me to make her cake. The only things she told me she wanted atleast one layer pumpkin spice and she wants a square tierred cake with fall flowers as a decoration for 165 people. Anything else was up to me. So I am stuck. Usually I am so use to people I have done cakes for to tell me what they want. I want something different...
I feel your pain, my trustworthy oven died back in May. I loved the way it baked. My hubb bought me a Kitchen Aid Convection. I have ahd it a couple months and still dont have the right temps down. I love the oven, but secretly miss my old one. Good luck to you!
What is your favorite white cake recipe? I need a good, moist, flavorful recipe that will withhold stacking.Thanks so much!
Thanks so much. I think I may try this!
I was asked to make a hunting theme wedding cake for a 2nd marriage. She actually wants just a large layered sheet cake. The groom wants the design as a tree sticking out of the cake with the groom hanging form it upside down. Then the bride with a gun next to the tree. She wants tree camo on the cake somewhere. Has anyone made a tree before? also anyone know where I can get tree camo frosting sheets?Thanks for the help!
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