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Thank you!! That's such a beautiful cake and I think that is exactly what she wants. I just couldn't quite picture it. Thanks again!!
After years of perfecting my technique of doing a smooth buttercream, I have a bride that doesn't want it smooth. She said she wants the icing to look more rustic and not so stiff. Anyone have suggestions on how to do this or have pics I could look at?
Does anyone know if there is a website with this info on it? Unfortunately, I don't have either of those books. I guess I may take a trip to the library.
Can anyone help me find a chart that tells how much filling (in cups) you need per layer? I'm doing square layers, but would like a chart that shows all shapes for future reference. I tried doing a search but all the sites that came up are no longer available.Thanks for any help you can give!
Today I was watching a kitchen gadget show and they now have a special made butter dish that they said keeps the butter at 65 degrees F. They said it keeps the butter soft enough to spread, yet cold enough so it will last a long time. The container was big enough for 2 sticks of butter. That being said, I would think that butter could stay out for awhile and be okay except for in extreme heat conditions. Like everyone else said, I would taste and smell it and see what...
Here's some happy cake thoughts coming your way.....You can do it!! Make sure you post pictures and have fun! Angie
I have used silk flowers many times on cakes with bc icing. Make sure you let the buttercream crust before you put the silk flowers on and don't put them on until the last minute you have to. If the flower's petals will be touching the buttercream, you may want to lay a small piece of wax paper under the flowers so the grease from the bc doesn't mess up the flowers. The wax paper is a must if your bride wants to keep the silk flowers. Sometimes the people that I am...
Sounds good!! Save me a piece !!
She did a great job!! Where can I sign up for lessons?
I had no problem smoothing it out like buttercream. I add just a little extra milk and it worked perfect. HTH
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