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I am getting a thermomix this week and was hoping to use it to make ganache has anyone done this?Any tips greatly appriciated
I am wondering if there is a chart anywhere that has the quantity of ganache needed for different size cakes.I need to fill and cover:8"10"12"12"They are square cakes 4" high.Any help greatly appreciated!!!
Thank you very much for all your help!I am much clearer on the subject now!
I am doing my sisters birthday cake later this month and want to do a hot pink icing with black pipeing (like lace design).So far I have only covered cakes with sugar paste (wedding ones) but wanted to try buttercream.I have a couple questions:1. is it easy to get a good hot pink colour with buttercream?2. when icing buttercream how long do you leave it before decorating?3. before icing do you do a crum coat with the buttercream?4. while i am waiting for it to set to...
Sorry i just wanted to double check/clarify something.So is it ok to make a cut (cut away excess rather than fold in over) on the side and smooth the join? With the join smooth ok?Might be a dumb question but i'm only new at this.
Thanks for your help guys.So i will try to:Make bigger batch of sugar paste and roll it thickerPut the cross on tip to release stressCut the excess and smooth the joins so u cant see themThen strategically place the flowers Thanks very much for your help, much appriciated, i'll post a picture of the final thing, i'm getting married on June 9 so still got some time to plan it out!Thanks again
Thats a good idea with the cross on top! Thanks for that.I am still a bit unclear about how to smooth the sides when there is so much excess because it is smaller down the bottom?do u fold it over and then just smooth with all your might?
Hello again, I posted a little while ago asking about covering a whimsical cake. Well i had a practice run of the bottom tear of what will be my wedding cake, and i am really happy with how it all turned out except for the covering bit.I used sugar paste (rolled fondant) and when i tried lifting it over the cake (with my mums help) i had tears, so maybe it was too thin.But then i am also confused how to do it without having any joins. Because it is smaller down the...
I am making a topsy turvy cake for my wedding cake and was wondering if there was a trick to putting the rolled fondant (sugar paste) on?My dad and I had a practice at the bottom teir on the weekend and we ended up with tears and well it didn’t really work very well.We used the whimsical cake instructions which all went well except for that step, especially with the cut out circle and uneven top and sides.Can anyone help me?
Thanks for your help!!! So its ok to make the sugar flowers a few months before, and then store them in an airtight container in the cupboard, is that correct?And once I have covered the cake, before decorating, is there certain ways to store it? Leave it on the bench, in the fridge or in cupboard? Does it need to go in a box?Thanks again for your help, its making things much clearer!!!
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