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Anyone looking at my post I wanted to share my findings with losts of searching -it "looks" like a Gluten Free mix may be the easiest way to also do "corn-free".By scratch lots of products that I wouldn't use again but if it's your allergy would be a good investment. Lots of other recipes to use them.If you have a client asking -highly recomend a "corn search" it's very inlighting on all the stuff with corn in it. Thanks anyway
I have a client with a boy turning 3 with a corn allergy. It is not super sensitive allergy but from reading , no corn starch, baking powder, or dextros type ingredients. Anyone have a good white cake recipe? Thanks
Thanks I'll give them a try. Most wilton stuff I am not happy with but very limited on local purchases.
Need some help. Need Hot pink fondant for a wedding cake today. Dyed it last night and just keeps going teracota or salmon color. I has darkened over night but nowhere near hot pink.Started with plain white and used wilton pink and rose. may be the problem. Any ideas. I do have a pink shimmer dust that helps but not quite there, Thanks so much for any ideas
I agree or keep the bottom fake and have them cut a upper tier for the picture. It doesn't matter for a picture and no one will remember which layer was cut. Most of my brides and grooms cut higher up anyway, rarely ever the bottom tier. Hope this helps.
Started with pure white fondant, used two different pinks which may have interacted. Wilton pink and rose.
That's the ticket. Depending how many but size doesn't matter. ever 1/4 or 1/3 around the cake -letting them set a bit- dab your finger in water and touch the tops.
Can anyone HELP!!!! Dyeing fondant for a ruffle boarder for a weddig. Need hot Pink and getting more of a tarcotta / salmon color. What can I add never seen this problem, Thanks so much!!!
I posted in another section with no luck. I found a cake with a beer bottle in a ice chest. and love the ice (hard candy) another lady had the same candy to glitter up a wedding cake. I wanted to know if it is a regular hard candy reciepe or if anyone has a different idea. I have many uses if someone can direct me. Thanks sooooooo much!!
Its been a long time but I have done the royal icing but on pre-cut out netting shapes. the netting or tool gives you a little more stability but still handle with care. Gum paste seems to dry hard but I don't like how the color can shift. Hope this helps.
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